Avatoon APK + MOD Premium Unlocked v1.7.1

Updated on November 30, 2023
Name Avatoon
Publisher IdeaLabs.
Category Entertainment
Version 1.7.1
Size 55MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5.0+
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Link Download Google Drive

Avatoon creates avatars for you based on your hand-designed cartoon images. It has a lot of objects for you to choose from to look like you.

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Introduce about Avatoon

Aside from the real-life, there will be many fictional or parallel worlds taking place right in front of you, but they can only be seen through the camera’s eyes and thereby giving everyone a new beauty about the world. In particular, photo editing or photography applications are the most prominent, continuously providing people with creative content and many things for entertainment. One of them is Avatoon, with the ability to portray people into cartoon characters or similar styles. The current application is widely loved worldwide for its friendliness and flexibility, ready to help people turn into cute and hot cartoon characters.


Avatoon’s main function is to allow users to freely become any cute cartoon character they want while creating an image of themselves as an emote or sticker. It also comes with a simple and user-friendly photo editing tool and uses advanced support systems to explore endlessly. In other words, users with simple and smooth operations are ready to create an animated design based on various resources. Users can even use the available resources to decorate and customize with many attractive contents.


Most of the app’s features are designed for easy user interaction and use and introduce various special tools to edit freely. Avatoon’s photo editor is versatile and preeminent, combined with advanced AI support, ready to provide users with a range of useful functions for delightful editing. What’s more, the application’s compatibility is extensive and plentiful, which saves users time converting images and doesn’t even need third-party software for those jobs. The app will regularly update more new content for the editor, and users can turn on notifications to receive attractive benefits from the app.


If users regularly use vibrant and flexible social platforms, they may want to design themselves into different emotes. On top of that, designing the animated version is absolute, so creating emojis or stickers will become easier and more flexible. The app will automatically create all sorts of different options for users to explore, and they can freely design and customize the style of the content. Of course, after completing editing, users can directly share and save them in the sticker library of other platforms for convenience and agility.


Avatoon is a simple and entertaining-focused application, so it has a wide range of functions for users to design and customize their cartoon characters. If users want to stand out more, the outfit system will be plentiful and endless in many different styles to dress up and become fabulous. Next is the pose and wallpaper; the application will have various engaging content for users to be creative and turn itself into cute or hot supermodels.

The entertainment from Avatoon is endless, and users will have countless different ways to discover the beauty of themselves after becoming cartoon characters. Moreover, users will have various outfits and designs to shape and directly share too many different platforms with just one tap. If you want to know the beauty of yourself through the world of animation, then download the application and take the first pictures.

Download Avatoon APK for Android

Available Versions of Avatoon

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