CapCut APK + MOD Pro Unlocked v10.4.0

Updated on ديسمبر 22, 2023
CapCut is a versatile video editing app with intuitive tools for creating stunning content.
Name CapCut
Publisher Bytedance Pte. Ltd.
Version 10.4.0
Size 117MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5.0+
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Link Download Google Drive

In recent years, short videos on TikTok must be no longer strange to the young around the world. I believe even those who are older at least a few times have heard of this video platform. So, if you are a beginner to TikTok and you want to create hot videos simply, fast yet still professionally like TikTokers, you may need a support app that lets you edit anytime, anywhere on your device. CapCut is definitely the top application that helps you do that. Let’s find out what makes CapCut famous.

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Introduce about CapCut

A practical application introduced today is CapCut, an application that makes it easy for you to edit videos on your device. There will be many exciting functions that you can find, and you will take the time to learn them. Overall, the application is entirely accessible to the users, and indeed once you have mastered the functions of the application, a great product will be born.


Video editing is not too difficult for many people when they use CapCut because of the usefulness and functions it can bring. Users will experience the app the way they want, and the app’s functions are perfectly designed to make sense for the user to find. So they will need some time to experiment with these functions and gradually get used to them. They also know how to combine elements into a unique product.

All operations in the application are done simply with just one touch or drag. You can find many effects and other tweaks in the app and see the effect it has on your product to choose from. In addition, some users can drag the occurrence time of an element. Selecting the elements you like is also wholly worry-free when you already have a lot of data in your photo library.


Users can find the essential functions of a video editing application in CapCut. Users can add all the elements they want to add to create an impressive video. As mentioned above, you already have a unique database of your images and videos, and you can use them to your heart’s content. You will choose images or videos that you feel are beautiful and meaningful to your product.

They will be linked together into a chain and are indispensable components in the product you are about to make. At the same time, there will be a time bar that you can see above this sequence and adjust the time of the element’s appearance. So you will watch this video made up of many elements over and over again to make certain adjustments, and this work will be continuously done as you add a new element. So once you have experience, it won’t be too difficult.

You can see two layers, and it’s a long row that you can take advantage of to add some different elements to it. But these two layers have a completely different function that you will need to consider. Specifically, the layer at the top is used to add the elements that you want to show to the audience, and the files you add will form a sequence. As for the bottom, bar will be the audio that you can add to your video, and you can choose according to your preferences.


Once you’ve added videos or images to your video’s content, you’ll take advantage of other elements that can make your product enjoyable. Specifically, the application also owns its filters and effects that bring entirely new colors to the product. You can take advantage of this functionality within the app with just one tap or prep ingredients to create a complete video. Of course, it all depends on you.

Besides the filters and effects of images and videos, you will surely realize that transition elements are also essential. Moving from one aspect to another without any support will bring a boring experience to the viewer. So, you’ll be provided with a system of transitions to choose from and impressively transition your photos or videos that anyone will enjoy.


Once you’ve finished applying effects to your video, there are two factors that you can consider to bring your video to life. The first element is the words that evoke the photo’s meaning or match the author’s wishes. At the same time, it is a word and a decoration so that users can place it anywhere they want. In addition, users can find many different styles and fonts of the words they want to add.

Another factor mentioned above is the songs that I want in my videos. In the current version, you can search for the audio files you own and use them in a completely reasonable way. When you add songs to your video, it will attract many viewers’ attention because you will choose an audio file that matches the nature of the file you use. So they will check each other unexpectedly.

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