Hungry Shark World APK + MOD Unlimited Money v4.9.4

Updated on November 30, 2023
Name Hungry Shark World
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Category Action
Version 4.9.4
Size 165MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5.1+
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Link Download Google Drive

Hungry Shark World (MOD, Unlimited Money) will let players become hungry sharks and on a journey to devour anything and turn into ancient shark gods.

Table of contents
Hungry Shark World Hungry Shark World Hungry Shark World Hungry Shark World Hungry Shark World Hungry Shark World

Introduce about Hungry Shark World

Explore and conquer the ocean with Hungry Shark World - The game is rated as the highest quality in the series of games about Hungry Shark. After hit games like Hungry Shark Trilogy, Hungry Shark: Night, Hungry Shark Evolution, this game was born and became a more perfect upgraded version than all its previous versions, from the map graphics, game features, shark equipment, and eye-catching new skins. Transform into a ferocious shark and wreak havoc in the vast ocean.


Shark Week is back with many hot events for you. Mini Bay mode is back with many attractive rewards. A long-awaited new feature, you will have the opportunity to create your own shark from more than 70 different accessories; you must collect them in the store or from the quest. In addition, 3 new super-strong shark species appear, NURSE, VETERAN GREAT WHITE, and LEGENDARY GREAT WHITE, which will create a new wave in Hungry Shark World.


It is really the first thing that will go straight to your impression. With super virtual 3D graphics, the design of sharks is exceptional and beautiful and has a series of well-invested sound effects. Your journey through different oceans with typical scenes such as shipwrecks, coral reefs, dark seas... they are all simulated very realistically in 3D, creating a feeling like you are really lost in the middle of that sea. It all seems to put you in a real battle.


Immersed in Hungry Shark World, you will experience a game that makes you unable to take your eyes off the screen. Your job is to control the hungry shark to find and consume as much food as possible. It is done by an effortless operation holding the screen and moving, the shark will swim continuously, and you will be the one to decide its speed and direction. Almost everything on the road is food for sharks, from small sea creatures like fish, shrimp, crabs, ... or larger like dolphins, whales. Even seabirds and fishers are not in a safe position. The more you eat, the more giant your shark will be and the faster it will level up. As it matures, it will be able to sweep more thoroughly, creating a sense of excitement for the player.

On their journey to conquer the ocean, if the sharks are hungry for too long, they will be exhausted and die. In Hungry Shark World, there will be highly scarce seas for food. However, in addition to regular foods, sharks can encounter foods that contain special powers. Or you can also take advantage of the help of baby sharks, whales, octopuses, even eagles to increase your hunting ability.The dangerous journey of the shark will encounter a lot of trouble and human opposition. The more power you have, the more you will be noticed. At this time, there will be the pursuit of the fishermen, and they will attack you, wishing to stop the destruction of the sharks. Or go to the deadly seas; you have to dodge explosive cartridges dropped from helicopters. Let them hit you; you will die or lose a lot of blood.


With Hungry Shark World, having a lot of gold is an advantage. Stock up on gold during your sweep, and make upgrades to your existing sharks. Equip it with a Jet Rocket, an umbrella, and a headset to be perfect. At this time, it will be scary when its size becomes larger, swims faster, can eat more prey. However, it would help if you had a large amount of gold to do all that, so hoard and upgrade one at a time. Dress up your shark with beautiful skins and look scary too. With dozens of different models, depending on your preferences, choose for yourself the most suitable skins. However, it will make your shark look more diverse and be an accessory to optimize your strength.

You can't go out in ugly shape, can you? So does your shark!There are 37 species of sharks with different sizes, shapes, and functions to choose from. It would help if you collected as much as possible into your inventory because each character will have a unique ability. For example, some species can eat Coral, but others can't. Some species will only eat small creatures, but some species will only be for large creatures. They also have different support powers (such as acceleration, protection, freezing, ...) Depending on the sea, choose the most suitable shark species and become ruler of the seas.

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