Stick War: Legacy APK + MOD Unlimited Gems v2022.1.45

Updated on November 30, 2023
Name Stick War: Legacy
Publisher Max Games Studios
Category Strategy
Version 2022.1.45
Size 114MB
Price Free
Requires Android 4.4+
MOD Features Unlimited Gems
Link Download Google Drive

Are you a fan of strategy games? Are you in need of entertaining moments after stressful and tiring working hours? I have one interesting thing for you. Max Games Studio has released the game Stick War: Legacy, a stickman strategy game that was developed on the mobile platform and has attracted more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play store. Let’s find out what Stick War: Legacy has that helps it make a storm on the game market!

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Stick War: Legacy Stick War: Legacy Stick War: Legacy Stick War: Legacy Stick War: Legacy

Introduce about Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy is considered a highly entertaining game in the stickman strategy genre. When entering the game, you are like being transformed into a king of a kingdom and your task is to create a lot of resources to train a mighty stickman army with the responsibility of defending the territory and destroying the enemy.

The story 

When you first enter the game, you will be told a story about a land called the continent of Inamorta. There are many different races living here and they are fighting day by day for domination of this vast land. The continent of Inamorta consists of 5 kingdoms: Archidons, Swordwrath, Magikill, Speartons, and Order Empire. All believe that to gain domination, the weapon must be ‘their religion’. War broke out everywhere, with one purpose: to force other kingdoms to obey the harsh laws laid down by the nation that had won the dominion. However, your Order Empire has taken peace and knowledge as the guideline and has a developed society that stands out from the rest.


When you first start the game, you have 150 gold units that will be used to train a Miner. This person will take on the role of mining, gathering resources for your kingdom. From the first gold, the first soldiers will be trained and sent to battle. They only hold a wooden baton in their hand and rush straight into the enemy’s territory and destroy the enemy’s monument. Try to gather as many resources as possible to train as many soldiers as possible because your army can be attacked back fiercely on the other side. The reinforcements are essential to maintain the state of battle. However, your army is limited to 40 people, so try to balance between soldiers and miners. The game will end when the enemy’s monument is completely destroyed.

Interestingly, you can click on any stickman and control all his actions. It will be very useful when you use this advantage to the fullest in survival battles. More advanced types of soldiers will be unlocked when you successfully pass certain stages. You need to arrange the squad reasonably because the number of troops is up to 40. You can order miners or soldiers to retreat to the castle, then enter a defensive or combat state. You can completely improvise according to the situation of the battle.

However, there are lands where you do not need to attack the enemy, but you just need to build an army to protect your territory. The variety of gameplay will help you a lot when participating in different battles.After each victory, you will receive upgrade points to improve the stickman’s characteristics, such as gold mining speed, damage, health, and movement speed…

In addition, the game also has a tool to help increase the speed of gold mining in a short time or increase the training speed of soldiers. This is an advantage for players in important situations when your and the enemy’s armies are in a never-ending battle.

Game modes

Classic- Order Empire: This is the normal game mode, and your mission is to collect as many resources as possible, build an army and win.

Survival – Endless Dead: This mode has an unlimited number of rounds. Your task is to pass as many rounds as possible by destroying the Zombies with your powerful army. You can upgrade your army between each round. This mode has 3 levels: Easy, Hard, and Extremely Hard.

Tournament – Crown of Inamorta: You need to fight and defeat 4 out of 12 AI opponents to win the “Crown of Inamorta!”. This mode has 3 levels: Easy, Hard, and Extremely Hard

Mission: New missions and levels appear every Friday. You must constantly fight to dominate the continent of Inamorta.

The game is regularly updated in terms of gameplay and graphics

A series of new game modes are developed such as Win before sunset, Triple barricaded gold, Deathmatch, Forward Statue, vs Mini-Bosses…

They will also improve the effect of arrows on Stickman and gore to make it more realistic. Moreover, the game developer has designed separate costumes for each different type of soldier. You can build an army with a favorite outfit, which will create inspiration throughout the game.

Download Stick War: Legacy APK for Android

Available Versions of Stick War: Legacy

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