APK + MOD v1.7.0

Updated on November 30, 2023
Package Name com.dxx.firenow
Publisher Habby
Category Adventure
Version 1.7.0
Size 315MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5.0+
MOD Features Menu Mod, No Reload, High Fire Rate
Link Download Play Store is a top-down action RPG that defeats over 1000 zombies. Choose from various skills, evolve your talents, and defeat your enemies! Set in a devastated world infested with zombies, challenge the stage where more than 1000 enemies appear on one screen while building characters and strengthening permanently in the stage.

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A time limit is set for the stage, and the character survives for 15 minutes, and the stage is cleared by defeating the boss that appears at the end. First, trace the screen to move the character and shoot the zombies that appear from the edge of the screen. Killing zombies will drop experience gems, and if you pick up a certain number of them, your character will level up. Three skills are displayed when you level up, so you can choose one and learn it, and aim to clear the stage while changing your character’s build each time you play.


The play feeling of the battle is an action battle of the Van Saba system, but the other systems are quite close to the roguelike shooting RPG of the “Archer Legend” system. Each stage has a playtime of 15 minutes, and after a certain amount of time has passed during the battle, bosses will appear, and if you survive to the end, the stage will be cleared. There was a build by acquiring skills in the stage, and there was a permanent development menu such as status improvement using funds and equipment/strengthening at the base, making it a game that felt easy to play and volume.


Strengthen by making full use of the permanent training menu As you progress through the game, a permanent training menu will be added to the main screen. There are status ups using funds, equipping, strengthening, and evolution (synthesis) of equipment, and each can increase the initial status of the character.


Consume the stamina that recovers over time to challenge the stage. On the battlefield, drag the screen to move the character. Characters will attack at regular intervals. Defeating an enemy drops experience gems, and picking up a certain number of them will level up your character. Choose from 3 skills and acquire them. A cardboard box will appear on the field; if you break it, you will get items such as a recovery item for physical strength and a magnet that attracts experience gems.


Prioritize the acquisition of skills that occur around the character. Among the attack skills, you want to acquire with priority are skilled with an attack range around the surface. At the end of the stage, the number of enemies clinging to the character increases, and it becomes impossible to deal with only shot skills. On the other hand, shot-type skills are essential in boss battles, so you want to acquire them in a well-balanced manner.


I’d like to take a closer look at compatibility with support skills and decide. If you raise the level of a specific attack skill to the maximum and acquire a synergistic support skill, you can learn a particular attack skill. When acquiring skills in the stage, check the synergy between attack and support skills.

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