Text Scanner [OCR] APK + MOD v9.7.1 Premium

Updated on December 10, 2023
Name Text Scanner [OCR]
Publisher Peace
Version 9.7.1
Size 12MB
Price FREE
Requires Android
MOD Features Premium
Link Download Google Drive

Office work is a lot of attention of many people, and it is also the job chosen by many people to work the most in the world. There are many tools designed to cater to the needs of those who do this. Among the tools, the scanner is the one that is used a lot, and almost every company has it ready to serve. But if in an emergency, there are too many people using that machine, what can we do? That is by using the Text Scanner application to work more quickly. This application will be the tool to be ready to work in any situation and bring convenience.

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Text Scanner [OCR] Text Scanner [OCR] Text Scanner [OCR] Text Scanner [OCR]

Introduce about Text Scanner [OCR]


It is not too difficult to use this application because it is entirely similar to a regular scanner. This application simulates its main function is similar to the scanner, but its features are more to support the user better. Devices used to install this app should satisfy specific requirements that it offers. The most important thing is that the device needs to have a camera, and it needs to work correctly to deliver the best quality product. When you want to scan something, you need to place the text under the camera for the app to scan. Users should best place their text in the frame that the application sets out for the best quality scanning application. But without having to do it completely, just approximate it is enough to provide the best user experience. After the application completes the scan, the application will show the product that the person scanned for you to do what you want. The last step that users need to do is to save their products for use.


The main feature of this application is to turn your phone into a scanner that users can use. Often the scanners will be placed in the company for more people to use. But when there are too many people, it will delay work, and this can affect a lot of things. So for the job done excellently, this app makes a great scan tool. With this application, the mobile device also acts as a scanner to use whenever needed.


To achieve perfect text, you also need to take good photos, and not everyone has a talent for photography. Even talented people sometimes are careless because time does not allow them to complete tasks. Therefore the product will not be perfect and affect the quality of the work, but the application has a way to fix that. The app can do this because it can automatically align to deliver the best experience and the best product. If the image is tilted too much, adjust it to fit the given size, and everything will be stable.


In other applications, most have specific languages such as English or the native language of the country in which it appears. Almost all applications revolve around two default languages, but this application is not like that; it supports many different languages for users to use. This application supports more than 50 different languages to serve in any situation. And especially when the user wants to use this to scan other languages for work. The languages that the application offers are English, Korean, Chinese, and many other languages to assist in any possible situation.


Each device has a particular memory; even some things do not support memory cards to expand memory. So if you store too much in the device, the memory will be full, and the storage cannot be continued. So the application has added a handy feature that is support for cloud storage to save data. This will be very convenient for users to store their documents in case the memory is full. When you put your documents on the cloud, storage is also a way to protect your documents and prevent any misfortune. Thanks to this feature, users can also share their documents with others easily. This feature will save players a lot of time and effort in sharing features with others.

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