Adorable Home APK + MOD Unlimited Hearts v1.22.9

Updated on November 30, 2023
Name Adorable Home
Publisher HyperBeard
Category Casual
Version 1.22.9
Size 119MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.1+
MOD Features Unlimited Hearts
Link Download Google Drive

Adorable Home from publisher HyperBeard has a lovely and eye-catching art style. Using delicate, emotional hand-drawn strokes, Adorable Home brings players into the world of simulation of adorable home decoration. The game also has the appearance of incredibly cute cats.

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Introduce about Adorable Home

Amazing home decoration game!

Amid a lot of action RPGs, casual games, or racing games, to tell the truth, finding a family-themed game is very hard. This is also an element of surprise and makes a strong impression on mobile game players when Adorable Home is released.

Adorable Home comes from the publisher HyperBeard, who is behind the series of light simulation games Tsuki Adventure, Kiki’s Vacation, Klepto Cat… Coming to Adorable Home, this publisher once again shows its choice of the right direction when the mobile game market is already full of action and violence.

Let’s see what Adorable Home has done to truly become an “adorable” game in everyone’s heart!


Adorable Home begins when you and your cat Snow move to a new house. The house was empty, empty and did not look sweet enough to live in. So you start cleaning, repairing unsatisfactory places in the house, and buying furniture and decorations to enter.

Stimulate all creative thinking

In Adorable Home, you have the right to decorate every little corner of your house as you like. Each person has a different creative mind, and different taste, so a finished house product made by each player is never the same. Unique, evoking creativity, and stimulating the aesthetic ability of players is the first value that Adorable Home brings. It’s gentle but stimulates the imagination in its very own way.

Touch the hearts of the cat lovers

Not only decorate the house, freely decorate the corner of the house as you like, you can also raise a lot of cats in a cozy little house. Buy more cats, feed them, brush their fur, play together, sunbathe, and watch cute kittens running around in the morning sunlight. All the most beautiful and vivid moments of cat love can be enjoyed. appear in this hand-drawn image game.

If you are a fan of cat lovers, you definitely cannot miss many warm moments with cat friends in Adorable Home. If you like, you can also capture precious moments with the snapshot mode available in the game.

Be an interesting couple

Adorable Home is not only about decorating the house, raising cats, and enjoying single life. Over time, the house has settled, the lifestyle has settled, and it’s time for you to expand your relationships and find a soul mate.

Adorable Home is labeled 16+ mainly because you can be comfortable in a same-sex relationship.

Give “heart” and receive a heart

The currency in Adorable Home is hearts. You do everything with heart, you can get the heart, you take good care of cats, you will have a heart. You hang out with a good friend who has a heart. The heart is the message of Adorable Home: Do everything with all your heart and you will achieve success, whether it’s housework or love.

When you have 3000 hearts, you will unlock the garden. In the garden, you can do a lot of other cool things: decorate the garden, buy a swing, and seesaw, water the plants, build a water tower… The cats also have more play space. Outside the garden is also when you take a closer look at the exciting real-time weather of Adorable Home: sunshine, rain, clouds, snow…

Playing Adorable Home is also challenging

Just like everyday life, although it’s just housework, raising pets, decorating the house, and then building relationships. But if you’re not smart, you can still make things messy.

For example, when vacuuming the house, you have to go into small nooks and crannies otherwise the house is still dusty. Or when bathing the cat, he is afraid of water, so you will have to struggle to clean your pet. You have to tilt the phone to adjust so that the water is not too cold, not too hot, and everything is gentle

Compared to other games, the challenge in Adorable Home is not difficult, nor is it too big of a thing, but you need to have life experience and always put yourself in the mindset of “it’s my job, I have to finish it”.

Graphics and sound

Graphics and sound are two things to admire about this simulation game.

The graphics in Adorable Home, from the context to the objects and characters, are all hand-drawn. This delicate, soft, gentle drawing is lovely, reminiscent of the drawing style of classical greeting cards from Europe. Just stepping into the first frame of the game, you are immediately pulled into a dreamlike, extremely romantic world.

The soundtrack system is also a big impression of Adorable Home. The music is gentle, melodious, funny when needed, and slow when it is necessary to relax. The small sounds emitted when you do your daily tasks are also taken care of. Players can sometimes stay “at home” all day without getting bored.

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