My Hotpot Story APK + MOD Unlimited Diamonds v1.4.6

Updated on November 30, 2023
Name My Hotpot Story
Publisher 零下七度
Category Simulation
Version 1.4.6
Size 293MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.1+
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
Link Download Google Drive

My Hotpot Story is a restaurant management simulation game that is causing a fever throughout the online community recently. Specifically, in just a few days of release, this game has reached more than 5 million downloads on Google Play. Let’s find out with APKMODY.COM why this game has such a big attraction!

Table of contents
My Hotpot Story My Hotpot Story My Hotpot Story My Hotpot Story My Hotpot Story
MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Introduce about My Hotpot Story

    What is My Hotpot Story

    My Hotpot Story is a role-playing game to become the manager of a hot pot restaurant, from its opening to becoming the first 5-star restaurant on Xingfu Road. The game is sure to bring excitement to players!

    In this job, you will play the role of a hot pot restaurant owner to develop hot pot dishes from many countries. You will plan to buy ingredients and food, then receive customers. After the restaurant grows, you train the chef and wait staff, buy restaurant decorations, open a chain of hot pot shops on the food street… Here, you will be able to do everything, that you expect the restaurant becomes, as long as it brings the highest profit and helps the hot pot restaurant to grow more and more.


    The gameplay of My Hotpot Story is relatively simple. The main task of the player is to serve customers to the hotpot restaurant, hire employees, create new dishes and upgrade the restaurant with the goal of making your hotpot restaurant the best in the world.

    Basically, My Hotpot Story has simple gameplay and is accessible to everyone. However, starting the game always has certain challenges and this game is no exception. You can only use the lobby area along with the kitchen to welcome all customers to the hotpot restaurant. The growth rate at this time is very slow, requiring players to always keep a close eye on the restaurant’s operation progress.

    Until these two important areas are upgraded, new players can unlock the hiring feature to help you manage your work when not online and at the same time expand to other areas. All bad beginnings. Once you get through the initial hard times, things get much easier.

    Besides, My Hotpot Story has a lot of missions with generous bonuses that help you quickly upgrade the restaurant. The game has a quest list placed in the left corner. There are suggested game missions for you. When completed you will receive great rewards. The quests will also revolve around 3 restaurant rating points. For example, upgrading the hall, buying more decorations, hiring more staff, raising the rank to tin 2 or tin 3, opening an auditorium…

    Upgrade your hot pot restaurant

    Like the prestigious Michelin stars to judge the quality of real-life restaurants, the world in My Hotpot Story also has its own standards and hierarchy for restaurants. The restaurant rating in the game will have the ranks respectively iron, tin, copper, silver and finally gold corresponding to 3 stars. Corresponding to each rating level, your hotpot restaurant can unlock new features or expand the restaurant’s scale.

    Catering, Facility and Dishes

    These are the indispensable criteria in My Hotpot Story if you want to upgrade your restaurant. When evenly upgrading these three criteria to a certain level, the hot pot restaurant will be upgraded to a new rank.

    To help the hot pot restaurant run smoothly and efficiently, hire more staff to help you manage the hot pot shop even when you are not at the restaurant. There are many staff with different duties in the hot pot restaurant including Chef, Waiter, Cashier, Kitchen Assistant, PG. Train staff to a high level, players will get more Service points.

    Buy the hotpot restaurant more new facilities such as pans, stoves, tables, chairs and decorations, it will help you increase the corresponding Facility score.

    Finally, when creating dishes, each created food has a corresponding score. In addition, you can upgrade the dish to 5 stars to earn more review points. The review points to increase the restaurant’s ranking will be increasingly difficult. Force players to accumulate more detailed calculations to achieve the required rank and expand the restaurant.

    Sound and graphics

    Both the sound and graphics of My Hotpot Story meet the criteria of a restaurant management simulation game for mobile. The game has a harmonious color, everything in the hot pot restaurant has the traditional characteristics of the Chinese hot pot restaurant. The characters and graphics in the game have lovely, eye-catching designs.

    The game background music has a gentle but sometimes exciting sound just enough to stimulate a productive working day. Chinese songs always give us a very close and familiar feeling during big holidays like New Year and Christmas.

    Download My Hotpot Story APK for Android

    Having been storming the game market in recent times, the game is attractive enough to reach all types of players from children to adults. Download now My Hotpot Story and turn your restaurant into the best hotpot restaurant!

    Available Versions of My Hotpot Story

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