RFS - Real Flight Simulator APK + MOD Paid v2.0.1

Updated on November 30, 2023
Name RFS - Real Flight Simulator
Publisher RORTOS
Category Simulation
Version 2.0.1
Size 400 MB
Price $0.99 FREE
Requires Android 11+
MOD Features Paid
Link Download Google Drive

RFS – Real Flight Simulator is a beautiful flight simulation game, with satellite maps, buildings, runways and all the rules of moving in the air in accordance with the actual rules. Where’s the plane fan? Fly in here now.

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RFS - Real Flight Simulator RFS - Real Flight Simulator RFS - Real Flight Simulator RFS - Real Flight Simulator RFS - Real Flight Simulator RFS - Real Flight Simulator RFS - Real Flight Simulator RFS - Real Flight Simulator

Introduce about RFS - Real Flight Simulator

Experience flying all kinds of planes!


What’s new in RFS - Real Flight Simulator?

You have tried a few flying games but still have not found your true love. Why not try RFS - Real Flight Simulator?

RFS - Real Flight Simulator will help you get many unique flying experiences in many regions of the world. Take a look at the beautiful landscapes below as you fly, all with high-resolution satellite maps. You can clearly see massive 3D buildings, iconic mega-constructions from around the world, see even the tangled traffic lines in the air, something that was previously only possible through the prism of the human eye. people “on the ground” will not be able to have.

It is thanks to the high level of reality along with the simulation of maneuvers, logical and detailed flight operations in the cockpit of many rich aircraft, RFS - Real Flight Simulator has attracted a large number of players.

During the flight, you can also freely chat with other pilots through the built-in chat feature in online mode. When you want, you can access thousands of liveries created by RFS - Real Flight Simulator’s large community to customize the aircraft, gauges, variables that occur on the flight path including weather conditions, customize the aircraft to make the flight difficult.

With all these novelties, you will spend quite a few hours on this exciting flight simulator game.

Elaborate and detailed flight simulation

The core of a simulation game always lies in the ability to reproduce the most detailed, vivid and most similar operations related to the main action. In RFS - Real Flight Simulator, that is the process of flying an airplane.

When entering the cockpit of each aircraft, you will be immediately transferred to the first-person perspective instead of the third-person perspective as when looking at the surrounding landscape. In this view, the ATC controller and the entire cockpit space are in your hand. Start pushing the lever, move on the flight path, perform the take-off operations according to the detailed instructions of the game.

You can see, observe, touch every little detail in the cockpit with your own hands. Experience the feeling of pressing the controls, flicking the lever to control the plane’s direction, hearing the sounds from the convection room and the guide. Everything is neat, serious and very similar to real life, according to many experienced players.

Flight plan management

In RFS - Real Flight Simulator, you will be the one to draw up and execute the flight plan as you like. You can choose the aircraft type (when new models have been opened), then choose the starting point, destination, flight procedure… All is possible.

This is the first difference from other plane simulators. It is this ability that has created countless fascinating experiences that span the world, unlimited in space, time, and manner.

You can also customize the weather, time and stats related to the plane when flying. Optional factors related to the aircraft include speed selection, sound limit, weight, fuel, estimated flight time, passengers, cargo… Weather related customizations include wind direction, speed wind, pressure, rain, storm, snow, clouds, durability, outdoor temperature…

This way you can challenge yourself in different difficulty levels. If you are a newbie, you should choose to remove the distractions. And when you are an experienced pilot with 4000 hours of flight, familiar and mastered how to master the aircraft, you can set yourself higher limits, more obstacles to improve yourself.

Fly with the community

RFS - Real Flight Simulator offers more than 40,000 real-time flights taking place across 35 of the world’s largest airports and countless in-flight connections and transit points. You will experience all this fun while in the game’s vibrant community. There were hundreds of other pilots flying all over the air. Through the built-in chat feature, you can have fun chatting with many of them, increase your flying inspiration and share your flying experience.

Advanced aircraft customization

This is the game’s second major differentiator. RFS - Real Flight Simulator has an advanced board system. Thanks to this board, players can personalize their aircraft’s instruments, engines, appearance, and even the cockpit and gauges.

By completing flying missions, overcoming many formidable difficulties, you will gain many attractive engines and equipment to add to the board system, then use them to customize your current aircraft.

When you can’t find an idea, you can completely refer to or use the available liveries designed by the RFS - Real Flight Simulator player community. In it there will probably be an idea that you like, use it and enjoy the flight in a new way.

Download RFS - Real Flight Simulator APK for Android

RFS - Real Flight Simulator is a quality airplane simulation game, also one of the few simulation games that allows customization of the plane, options for difficulty, aircraft limitations and weather challenges. Playing RFS - Real Flight Simulator you will see your flight level up quickly.

Available Versions of RFS - Real Flight Simulator

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