APK + MOD Free WARP+ v6.21

Updated on December 10, 2023
Publisher Cloudflare, Inc.
Category Tools
Version 6.21
Size 11 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0+
MOD Features Free WARP+
Link Download Google Drive

In the digital age, access to the Internet is no longer too difficult, so the demand for Internet services has also grown strongly. It is very necessary to equip a tool that can be accessed quickly, easily, safely, and securely when activating blocked websites.

If you are having a hard time choosing a safe app that allows you to secure your information when accessing, you can refer to – Faster & Safer Internet. A brand new app has been launched on Android and iOS platforms to help users easily access the internet, connect easily and quickly with just one touch, and create a more private and secure connection, preventing unauthorized access from service providers.

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Introduce about

WARP – the free VPN app that makes your Internet more private!

What is (Faster & Safer Internet) is known as an app from Cloudflare publisher. Instead of using the default DNS, this application supports you to change your DNS parameters to so that you can easily access information on the Internet according to Cloudflare’s DNS. In addition, Cloudflare’s DNS service will help users access blocked websites, reduce the tracking of web history, and increase internet access speed. is a convenient app to help secure connection to information security, highlighting the importance of privacy. Now you can freely access blocked or unsecured websites easily, securely, and with lightning speed.

The main outstanding features of

More secure and private connection method (Faster & Safer Internet) provides a full range of mechanisms to protect device privacy using encrypted access methods through Cloudflare servers called Warp. Cloudflare’s DNS automatically deletes your web browsing data 24 hours a day. So you don’t worry about revealing important personal information during web browsing. Moreover, this app also prevents providers and services from infiltrating your web browsing history.

The WARP feature makes it easier to access the Internet

Warp’s brand new feature allows users to connect to be routed through Cloudflare’s servers to boost internet connection to make it work stronger and access faster. Another highlight is that DNS also supports access speed and time up to 14m, even compared to OpenDNS and Google DNS, is many times faster.

Free and less interrupted by ads

This app is completely free and less “disturbed” by ads during use. To make a profit for the company, Cloudflare sells the Warp+ service to its users. With advanced Cloudflare Argo technology, this VPN service helps users access the web at the best speed.

Easy to use

It can be said that is the easiest VPN to use that I have ever used. Just looking at the screenshot on the article is enough for you to understand how it works. You just need to touch the switch under WARP to activate the VPN. Before that, you need to grant the application permission, allowing to control network traffic.

MOD APK version of

MOD feature:

  • Free WARP+
  • Download APK for Android

    Hopefully, the useful information from the above sharing will help you have a better overview of Faster & Safer Internet – an extremely useful app that helps you to speed up the Internet, improve your experienced surf the web. And this app also helps you protect your personal information in the absolute way. Let’s download and use this amazing app right away!

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