Beach Buggy Racing APK + MOD Unlimited Money v2022.12.17

Updated on November 30, 2023
Name Beach Buggy Racing
Publisher Vector Unit
Category Racing
Version 2022.12.17
Size 81 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0+
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Link Download Google Drive

If you want to play fun racing with fresh animations, dancing rainbow colors and stimulating winding tracks, you should probably play Beach Buggy Racing right away.

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Beach Buggy Racing Beach Buggy Racing Beach Buggy Racing Beach Buggy Racing Beach Buggy Racing Beach Buggy Racing Beach Buggy Racing

Introduce about Beach Buggy Racing

Crazy animal racer on the fun track!


What is Beach Buggy Racing?

Beach Buggy Racing is the sequel to the much-loved Beach Buggy Blitz off-road racing game, which has more than 30 million players worldwide. With many exciting improvements, the same world terrain series, and faster, more intense and crazy pacing, Beach Buggy Racing will be one of the most unforgettable racing games.


Different from the usual forms of racing, Beach Buggy Racing lets you transform into a wild animal. And you are also a veteran racer, gliding through epic racing cars on the exciting winding tracks of the epic 3D animation scene.

In this world of action, anything is possible. No matter how careful you are, it is difficult for you to get out of the bustling chaos on the racetracks.

“Fun like a party”. The colorful atmosphere of this strange racing game can only be described briefly.

Let’s call Beach Buggy Racing a “battle” instead of a “race”!

Immerse yourself in off-road kart races, you will have the opportunity to compete with a series of rival racers. Each racer is a master in a particular aspect, the personality is also very strange, and even possesses some special abilities.

In addition to high-quality racing cars, steady steering, and flexible handling of situations, you also have to constantly compete and win to unlock rare crazy powers like Dodgeball Frenzy, Fireball and Oil Slick. Obviously this is no longer a mere off-road racing, but this is a battle.

Unlock and upgrade new cars

Racing game no matter what format it is, definitely indispensable for collecting and upgrading many different types of cars. Beach Buggy Racing is no exception. Winning important victories in turn, you can quickly unlock a variety of unique off-road vehicles, from dune trolleys to trucks with super speed and appearance.

Accumulating rewards from the race, you also own powerful Power ups with strange superpowers, only in the fantasy animated world.

Combine both the individual power of each vehicle, choose a vehicle that is suitable for the terrain (such as encountering a sandy scene, you must use a sand trolley to race). With the crazy racing skills you accumulate from driving experience, and the power-ups I mentioned above, you will experience 6 game modes on 15 innovative 3D tracks designed specifically for the game.

Exciting physics-based off-road kart racing

Probably not the kind of highly realistic physics you’re used to in racing games. The physics in Beach Buggy Racing is breathtaking in a slightly exaggerated fashion, with everything tended to be more exaggerated than usual. Like a car toss so strong that it can cause your car to be thrown up, turn a few times to land, and still be unharmed.

You may be a bit unfamiliar with it at first, but after playing for a while, it is this breathtaking physics that will make you fall in love with the game. It fits the style, character creation, car shaping and 3D animation scene in Beach Buggy Racing in a strange way. In general, the experience is very good.

Take part in fantasy races

Since there are racers, karts, and flamboyant physics like no other, the track areas must be a little weird. Playing Beach Buggy Racing, you will be going through dinosaur-infested forests, through volcanoes erupting red lava. At other times, you’ll glide past golden-green sandy beaches, or menacing swamps. Each place, each track has many hidden shortcuts that only discerning riders can recognize and shorten the distance to the finish line.

MOD APK version of Beach Buggy Racing

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Download Beach Buggy Racing APK for Android

    Beach Buggy Racing allows racing up to 4 local people in the same screen, divided equally among 4 people. Recruit a team of friends to play together, each with a different strength to create a fiery, crazy, magical car race. Beach Buggy Racing will be an unforgettable racing game for both you and other players.

    Available Versions of Beach Buggy Racing

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