BetterSleep APK + MOD Premium Unlocked v20.23.1

Updated on November 30, 2023
Name BetterSleep
Package Name
Publisher Ipnos Software
Category Health & Fitness
Version 20.23.1
Size 238MB
Price Free
Requires Android 6.0+
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Link Download Google Drive

BetterSleep helps you fall into a peaceful sleep, sustaining longer, deeper sleep and helping you wake up gently. Overall, it provides a quality sleep process.

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Introduce about BetterSleep

Get more quality sleep with BetterSleep!

Sleep better to feel happier, healthier

When you’re young, staying up late is normal. Prepare for exams, play games, chat with friends, watch movies, listen to music… There are enough reasons for young people to “adventure” with the night. But as you get a little older, you’ll start to realize the importance of sleep. Getting enough sleep, on time, according to a specific schedule, in an ideal quiet space not only ensures your health, protects your skin and eyes, but also helps you have a refreshing, comfortable and happy spirit the next day. Therefore, work and study performance is always at the best level.

Getting enough sleep also makes you more focused on the next day’s exercise. In all situations, you are always alert, lucid, and solve problems quickly and effectively. Adequate sleep in both quality and quantity, above all, is also the foundation for long-term health, helping you to avoid many dangerous diseases.

Unfortunately, when we realize this, we may not be able to sleep well. The older you get, the harder it is to fall asleep. The mind worries a lot, is always disturbed by emotions that are difficult to say, not to mention the fatigue brought by age, changes in hormones and other physiological factors that make the sleep of the elderly become more and more frequent. shortened more. Many people also suffer from insomnia so worn out that they no longer have the energy to do anything else.

To fall asleep faster, get enough and deep sleep, sometimes the usual measures are not enough, you will need a simple but effective sleep application like BetterSleep.

BetterSleep, the sleep improvement app for Android

BetterSleep is the new name of the Relax Melodies app. True to this new name, the application not only provides soothing, relaxing melodies to lull you to sleep, but also has many useful features to monitor sleep, support proactive measures to to deeper and better quality sleep. Even the next morning, you will wake up gently, ending the process of full sleep.

App recommended by doctors, leading experts in sleep and psychiatry. Over 91% of users also submitted positive comments about how they got better sleep after taking BetterSleep after just one week. To see what specific features BetterSleep has to help you sleep, go through the following sections of this short review.

Lulling to sleep with sound

One of the great difficulties of most people with sleep disorders, they almost can’t fall asleep, keep tossing and turning for a long time but their eyes are still open and their minds are still awake. BetterSleep will help you fall asleep easier with a series of dreamy, meditative sounds and a series of soothing stories. All are available, you just have to choose according to your preferences and adjust to your own needs.

When the gentle sound plays, relaxation begins, relax your mind and begin to let your body fall asleep.

Sleep tracking feature

The lullaby sound is just the first part. One of BetterSleep’s powerful sleep-enhancing features is Sleep Tracking (based on Sleep Science).

There are a few apps that seem to do the same thing for a good night’s sleep. But most just stop at tracking progress and reporting sleep performance. That is, not directly interfering with the process of making sleep better, but merely reporting.

BetterSleep is different. This application not only reports progress, gives Sleep Quality Monitoring results, but also brings Sleep Science to life to help users fall asleep easily and sleep properly.

Based on Sleep Science, BetterSleep has taken a close look at the nature behind each person’s sleep and will help you understand how sleep occurs in order. From there suggest many useful ways to improve sleep, little by little, every day in the best way.

You will be created a sleep routine through gentle reminders to relax from your phone. When you’re ready to sleep, the app will start leading you to different types of sounds to slowly fall asleep.

What to listen to to sleep better?

BetterSleep has a collection of more than 300 soothing sounds, ranging from music, melodies, sounds, brainwaves, white noise. These sounds have been designed by industry experts. They will be divided into specific stages recommended for you to sleep better.

The sound of the wind rustling, the leaves falling gently, the birds chirping, the fire crackling, the sound of the hair dryer, the airplane, the vacuum cleaner, the fan on the wall, the sound of rainwater, the murmur of the waves, the sound of the waves, the water gently lapping the shore… It’s just the first step to open your mind. Once you’ve drifted off to sleep, BetterSleep will send you more soothing sounds like meditation music, voices, and instrumental sounds.

If you don’t find a match for your hearing, you’ll continue to choose from over 100 stories available in the app to lull you to sleep. They are told by famous storytellers and written specifically for sleep. Fairy tales, science fiction, fantasy, history, adventure, fiction, romance… whatever genre you like to listen to, you’ll find what you need.

Sleep movement exercises

In BetterSleep there are also sleep movement exercises including gentle relaxation techniques before sleep with expert advice. Like exercises on breathing techniques, rest exercises, creating sleepiness, reducing stress, controlling heart rate… All are more or less beneficial for your sleep.

MOD APK version of BetterSleep

MOD feature:

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Download BetterSleep APK for Android

    With many tightly integrated features that make up a complete sleep improvement process, BetterSleep will be an application worth saving to use every day for a better sleep.

    Available Versions of BetterSleep

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