Earn to Die 2 APK + MOD Unlimited Money v1.4.39

Updated on November 30, 2023
Name Earn to Die 2
Publisher Not Doppler
Category Action
Version 1.4.39
Size 79MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Link Download Google Drive

Earn to Die 2 is the sequel to the destruction-driving game in the zombie apocalypse. The first part was impressive for players with many powerful cars, this time, you even have more cars to kill the troublesome zombies.

Table of contents
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Introduce about Earn to Die 2

Unlock and upgrade your cars into the fierce zombie-smashing machines!


The post-apocalyptic world after the zombie pandemic is no longer strange in the game. However, exploiting it in such a way that the game is always new is the “trick” of each developer. Each zombie game exploits a different aspect of this apocalyptic theme. When it’s moral decay, when it’s a shooting war with hordes of zombies, other times it’s a journey to find an antidote… However, there is a rather strange genre that you may not know yet: driving a car to kill zombies.

In Earn to Die 2, you will be one of the survivors of the world.

One day, you got a report that an evacuation ship was waiting on the other side of the country. It was the last chance to escape from this ruined place. But what to do? Reaching the pier, you have to cross the whole country full of zombies, they are swarming everywhere!

There is only one possible way for you: take advantage of an old car found on the road to overcome the wave of zombies that cascades ahead, in the hope of arriving on time for the train to leave.

What you will do? Using all your skills to drive through the practice day, smash, wipe, knock, and shovel aggressive zombies around with your steady steering wheel?

Drive through the apocalypse

With just a car that can’t be more shabby, you have to overcome a very long road to find a way to live. Overcome different terrain scenes, and deal with the long lines of zombies that are swarming across cities. The longer you survive, the more days you have, and the more chances you have of getting closer to the ship of life.

But over time zombies dominating the world have become much smarter. They have now diverged into many different strains of zombies, from basic to extremely difficult to handle. Not only that but also smarter, they knew in advance that the survivors were trying to get out of this place, so they found all sorts of ways and objects to build barriers, obstacles, and even pitfalls on the way. Just falling into one of those traps, you and your car can hardly preserve your life.

Find a way to balance, steady the steering wheel, cross the terrain, overcome obstacles, mercilessly hit the zombies in the way, score a lot of points, and earn a lot of money. That is the only mission of every Earn to Die 2 player.

When you have enough money, you can unlock new vehicles. The higher up the car, the more solid it is, with greater destructive power and better endurance, and also has more weapons. Money can also be used to buy new weapons or upgrade existing weapons. Up to a certain vehicle level, you will need to master both off-road driving skills and melancholy combat ability to both control the car and shoot zombies out of the encirclement.

When you pass all the destinations all over the map, it’s time to complete this game and help the character find the ship to escape from the cruel zombie land.

New Story Mode

In this part 2, the game introduces players to the new Story Mode. This mode has a great length, and massive content, 5 times longer than the first game. If the first part only focused on the scene of the desert, then in this part 2 we will go deep into the cities that are occupied by zombies. Overcoming all the pitfalls and obstacles of the terrain itself and the zombies, you will leave your footprints in different locations on the map and gradually complete the final goal.

The road will be very long, counting hundreds of destinations. Have you imagined how epic the journey will be?

Layered level design

Each city is represented by a level. Each level will have a layered design. In which zombies and obstacles will be divided into many challenging floors for players.

You must drive over rotten highway overpasses, wriggle through deep underground tunnels or pass through factories and workshops filled with black zombies.

There are many paths to choose from to complete a scene, but no matter which way you run, you won’t be able to avoid zombies. So the only way to face this game is to use the car to find a way to wipe out zombies.

Upgrade vehicles and weapons

The more feats of killing zombies with vehicles, the more money you have in hand. Money will help unlock car upgrades. There are a total of 10 different vehicle types with all kinds of different genres such as sports cars, fire trucks, trucks, ice cream trucks…

Each vehicle is equipped with a certain weapon that can be upgraded (also with money). You can add an armored frame, add a gun on the roof of the car, or fire on a rocket set for epic. Driving, smashing obstacles, sweeping and crushing zombies, and shooting like crazy at them. No matter how crowded the zombies are, there is still a chance to survive.

Be careful because these are all old cars

These vehicles cannot last forever. By themselves, when brought to you, they are the remnants of the world’s old cars. Now under pressure, the zombies scratched along the way, then had to overcome obstacles, the road was up and down continuously. Your damaged car is more likely to fall apart than ever. Pay attention to your safety, and accumulate money quickly before the car you are driving is destroyed.

MOD APK version of Earn to Die 2

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Download Earn to Die 2 APK for Android

    With more zombies, more maps, longer stories, extremely smart zombies, and the appearance of many destructible vehicles and advanced weapons, Earn to Die 2 has extended the zombie war in the game in a new and more exciting way. Let’s download and play this amazing game right away!

    Available Versions of Earn to Die 2

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