Kick The Buddy: Second Kick APK + MOD Unlimited Bucks/Gold v1.14.1

Updated on نوفمبر 30, 2023
Name Kick The Buddy: Second Kick
Publisher Playgendary Limited
Category Simulation
Version 1.14.1
Size 162 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0+
MOD Features Unlimited Bucks/Gold
Link Download Google Drive

Kick The Buddy: Second Kick from the publisher Playgendary Limited is a purely entertaining action puzzle game with a great stress reliever effect. Imagine when you are crazy, you can make something super fun.

Table of contents
Kick The Buddy: Second Kick Kick The Buddy: Second Kick Kick The Buddy: Second Kick Kick The Buddy: Second Kick Kick The Buddy: Second Kick

Introduce about Kick The Buddy: Second Kick

Kick Buddy’s butt, relieve stress!

What’s new in Kick The Buddy: Second Kick compared to the first part?

Kick The Buddy: Second Kick is considered a Remastered version of the original Kick The Buddy. Not only has the graphics leveled up significantly, but it also has many new points in the gameplay. Especially, there are more unique ways to kick your stuffed friend Buddy to relieve stress.

This part preserves the context of the first part where you get to open a box. In it, there is a stuffed doll named Buddy waiting. With all the items available at each moment, you will do all the things to torture Buddy in the most brutal and violent way.

While the first part only has a few basic weapons (guns and things). Through part 2, your arsenal has increased a lot, there are more weapons in more groups. There is a group of man-eating plants, a group of bombs and guns, a group of metal machines capable of crushing everything, and another group of laser weapons with terrible damage.

In this Remastered part, you can even combine 2 weapons together to create crazy torture combos. This is when the feeling of stress relief reaches its peak.

Buddy himself also has more looks and outfits. Most of these customizable shapes are mainly for player inspiration and they do not help Buddy anything in withstanding your tortures.

Especially in this part, there is an impressive new sound effect: Buddy will have his own voice, bringing a lot of fun. The sound of Buddy screaming and howling after being hit by different attacks from you will be different, which is very mind-stimulating and mood-clearing.


It still has the same minimalist gameplay from part 1. Your task is just to see Buddy in that box and choose a weapon in hand in each level to continuously hit, cut, burn and fire Buddy, thereby enjoying the joy of releasing anger when venting anger on something (which is here Buddy).

As mentioned, in this Remastered, we not only have the basic weapons but also a richer arsenal, with a much more diverse number and types. We have rifles, automatic guns, rockets, grenades, torture devices, and even nuclear bombs.

The main character in Kick The Buddy: Second Kick (also in part 1) turns out to be an AI character, not controlled by you. Buddy, the poor hasty teddy bear was put in a paper box. Although it can move and run flexibly, it has no way to defend itself. And you, an invisible enemy of Buddy, have the task of finding a way to torture it to relieve stress, relieve mood.

Once again, the developer has proven to Kick The Buddy’s players that there is a lot of potential to expand and be able to do better than the previous part. Kick The Buddy: Second Kick raises the level of humor. Not only Buddy’s inherently funny jumping appearance, but his sudden death positions are also quite funny. The realistic physics simulation effects applied on Buddy also make you laugh out loud. Not to mention Buddy in this return also has a new outfit. With each outfit, its painful and screaming expressions change, creating funny situations.

Not only does torturing Buddy put you in a better mood, but these light wits also bring you a lot of fun.

Each time you successfully torture Buddy and defeat it completely, you pass a new level and collect money. More money can also be obtained through playing alternate minigames from time to time throughout the game. When you have enough money, you will unlock new weapons, have new costumes for Buddy, and so on, the experience continues endlessly.

MOD APK version of Kick The Buddy: Second Kick

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Bucks
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Download Kick The Buddy: Second Kick APK & MOD for Android

    Kick The Buddy: Second Kick is an attractive game, especially useful when you want to relieve stress or are frustrated about something that you want to get out. By kicking and torturing a teddy bear, you will definitely feel a lot better.

    Available Versions of Kick The Buddy: Second Kick

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