Train Simulator PRO USA APK + MOD Unlimited Money v1.0.7

Updated on November 30, 2023
Name Train Simulator PRO USA
Publisher Mageeks Apps & Games
Category Simulation
Version 1.0.7
Size 1.0 GB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.1+
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Link Download Google Drive

Train Simulator PRO USA simulates realistic long-distance train driving. Going through many famous landmarks, you will gradually become a tycoon in the world railway industry.

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Train Simulator PRO USA Train Simulator PRO USA Train Simulator PRO USA Train Simulator PRO USA Train Simulator PRO USA Train Simulator PRO USA

Introduce about Train Simulator PRO USA

Driving trains around the US!

What’s in Train Simulator PRO USA?

You have played many driving simulation games: motorbike, car, truck, bus… how about trains? Driving a long train with many passenger cars, and ice on a railway line radiating across regions of a country as large as the United States will be much different from driving other motor vehicles. If you want to know how that feeling is different, what’s interesting and exciting when driving a train, let’s play Train Simulator PRO USA.

In this open-world train-driving simulation game, you will admire an epic rail system spanning the rich lands across the vast United States. You get to see how one of man’s most amazing chariots works: trains on vast railroads.

You also get to experience firsthand the operations of starting, starting to drive, and controlling the long train route passing through different landmarks.

When driving a train in Train Simulator PRO USA, not only can you see the highly realistic motion, and good physics, but you can also listen to the exciting sounds of the driving process: steam engine sound, the sound of air brakes, the sound of collisions with the railway when rolling or preparing to turn…

Best of all, Train Simulator PRO USA gives players every detail in the most realistic, lifelike detail, including the tiniest things you can think of when you imagine yourself as a long-distance train driver.

Various missions for your train

Trains can be considered one of the great inventions of mankind in transportation. Not only carrying passengers and luggage, a train can also help transport raw materials, and mineral resources (such as coal, wood, stone, and oil …) or can be used to move tractors, tank trucks…

Depending on each mission each map offers, you will get the actual locomotive as the main control, and the wagons corresponding to the mission. Step into the cockpit, start the engine, inventory the passengers, and belongings in the carriages, and start rolling, you will feel the difference in weight, endurance, and the effect of the length of the train. When the weight is heavier, the size is long with more carriages, and the rolling control will become cumbersome and slow. Driving through the bends of the track also requires more deceleration than usual to ensure the synchronous operation of the whole system.

Is it difficult to drive a train in Train Simulator PRO USA?

Whether you are new or have a lot of experience with other driving simulation games, you can still perform the maneuvers well. No matter what transport task you need to complete, your movements will follow standard procedure: step into the cockpit, move the articulating controls to attach the wagons as required of the mission, then move on to the other controls to start driving your train on the tracks. Upon arrival, inventory the goods, deliver the goods, and close the contract, profit.

With different challenges, the number of carriages and the form of goods are also quite good. Gradually experience these missions, and you will gradually improve your train driving skills.

At the same time, the transportation journey also takes you to many different real lands, cities, and stations across the United States. When the mission is completed, you will also unlock a new place on the map to further extend the driving experience.

When you are skilled, and become a veteran driver, you start to get rich from your train driving career and officially become a railway tycoon. This is the ultimate goal of every Train Simulator PRO USA player.

MOD APK version of Train Simulator PRO USA

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Download Train Simulator PRO USA APK for Android

    Train Simulator PRO USA, an open-world train-driving simulation game with depth, a variety of missions, a rich journey, and a series of new missions and maps is waiting for you. It’s time for you to push your own limits, and overcome common sense vehicles to test your driving skills of highly realistic trains.

    Available Versions of Train Simulator PRO USA

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